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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You do. You purchase the SwimAmerica Coaches Manual from the Best Aquatics office. You have your 1 day training for the coaches. They take the test at the end of the manual. You grade the test and email Mr. Humoud at info@swimamericakw.com the names of the coaches who passed. The SwimAmerica National office will send out red cards to the coaches who passed.
8 hours. 4 hours with you of this time is done with the Program Director, in a face to face setting. Four additional hours are done by the coach, on their own time, with the materials in the SwimAmerica Coaches Manual.
The license goes with you. If you find a new pool in your new area, you must call the Best Aquatics office and get the area approved.
You own the license. We only license ASCA Certified Level 2 coaches.
The SwimAmerica Kuwait Program Director will conduct all the training.
There are many companies that work with SwimAmerica programs. Contact us once you are a Program Director.
The SwimAmerica learn to swim school was designed by America's foremost experts on swimming, professional swim coaches. SwimAmerica uses the station method to teach children to swim quickly and efficiently. Our effective and logical teaching progression builds strong swimming by introducing new skills while constantly reviewing those previously mastered. We do this with a station method of advancement for the child. This simple, effective method REALLY TEACHES CHILDREN TO SWIM.
SwimAmerica offers: Infant, Preschool, School Age and Adult Lessons.
You can operate a SwimAmerica if you have experience in teaching, coaching or running aquatic programs. If you are not already an ASCA Certified Level 2 coach we can help you become certified with our home study programs.
Kindly contact us, if you are ready to become a Program Director.
Mail : info@swimamericakw.com